Short Stories


Infinite worlds with infinite short stories.
Enter and read how our past will still be present in these very far-future worlds.

The Fear Killer

The planet of Arthemiko is not the first nor the last world to be colonized, it is not the closest, nor the farthest from the world of origin of the human race, even compared to the other new worlds it is not in a better position nor worse; It should be noted, however, that the world of Arthemiko has progressed for centuries and then regressed for generations. The historical moment in which we observe the events is in the initial phase of the decline.

The Who and the What

This solar system is very similar to that of Earth. Here, however, there are two inhabited planets. Very different morphologically, they are both well-populated and developed. This solar system consists of six planets in total, all the planets and their moons have been explored and exploited for centuries. Over time, the interests of the two worlds have been at odds with each other, militarised space ships sail in patrol or alongside transport vessels but fights are sporadic if not rare. On a moon or an asteroid, there may be bases of both factions a few kilometers apart, yet for years there has been no fighting.  Emma Shimmer is traveling to one of the most remote bases of the system, three months hibernated in space and then the permanence of about ten years on the small planet Zamak, to defend it from any attack by a very well-armed enemy, but totally demotivated to perform a military escalation.

In the Flick of a Finger

The planet on which Xylanno lives has been manipulated by man and rebuilt by machines. The planet Gadab is totally automated, and life on it is kept in a perfect balance. The planet Gadab can move through its solar system and orbit wherever it pleases. After a journey of a generation (25 Earth years), it will find itself in a new orbit and will be able to conquer planet Badagu militarily, economically, and politically.

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